Some more Intimate Details

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Our Time – I am not a clock watcher, in fact I often don’t pay any attention to it at all. I do ask that should our encounter become engrossing that you assist me in making sure we are reasonable with my time. I actually love what I do and will never cut anyone short, that being said your assistance would be appreciated. Often I am having as much fun as you are.

Showers – I do very much enjoy showers with friends. They are so much fun. However I request that any encounter where you would like to shower think of booking at least 90 minutes. If I am out call to you please allow me the time and privacy to get reasonably arranged before my departure. I require at least a mirror, and a blow dryer.

Strap on/Pegging – I am an expert and can be very gentle with a strap on and pegging. I do need to know in advance that you want to explore this fun.

Toys –I have a wide variety of toys. As I have said in the past I am very limited provider, so I need them. I am fine to share them with you. If you want to supply your own toy please make sure you bring a quality toy. Silicon only. Please no made in China rubber composite toys. If you want me to bring toys, then by all means let me know in advance.

Gifts – Gifts and or tips are never expected but they are greatly appreciated. As I said before I honestly am a simple girl. Please keep your gifts simple, reasonably priced and personal in nature. Stockings in size small from VS or even VS gift Card. Panties in small from VS are always needed. Again nothing expensive.

Trips to the Islands –  Yes I am an A-level provider. And I actually usually enjoy it. However I am a petite young lady. Also I like to make sure I am sufficiently prepared. If it does not fit it simply does not fit. I don’t charge extra for it, but I don’t deduct if its not possible.

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