Our Meeting – Please arrive at our scheduled time. If I am coming to meet you, I will do everything possible to arrive on time or a few minutes early. If you are running late (it happens) a quick phone call or text would be greatly appreciated. In the first few moments of our meeting please place the donation in a visible place. Getting this out of the way will make us both far more comfortable.

Hygiene – I can assure you I will arrive freshly showered, smooth all over and appropriately dressed. Please make sure you are freshly showered, nails are clean and trimmed.

Extended Dates – My free time is very limited as I have an active personal life. While it is sometimes possible to extend, I can’t guarantee this. If you would like to extend your time with me, please let me know as soon as possible. If I am able, additional fees apply.

Termination – While I have never experienced this, any unnecessary roughness, rude manners are simply not tolerated. Further, I do not tolerate any illegal activities such as drugs, minors etc. and I reserve the right to immediately terminate our appointment without a refund.

Gifts – Gifts and or tips are never expected but they are greatly appreciated. As I said before I honestly am a simple girl. Please keep your gifts simple, reasonably priced and personal in nature. At some point I will put up a wish list, until then anything is a thoughtful and sweet, yet unnecessary indulgence.

Cancellations –  I do have a strict cancellation policy. Cancellations 48 hours in advance are unfortunate for both of us. Life, family and female cycles have their surprises. Cancellation 24 hours in advance are not fair to either of us. With my limited schedule, filling lost time on such notice is often not possible. If I have an issue that requires cancellation, I will discount the next scheduled meeting by 25%. Should you have an issue that requires cancellation, there is an additional charge of 25% of the first scheduled appointment, should you desire to reschedule. Cancellations of less than 24 hours result in a booking fee of 50% of the scheduled appointment. Payment is made by multiple choices that we can find mutually agreeable to. Options for gift cards, PayPal and money orders are available.

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